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We promote tolerance, mutual respect and international mindedness to mold our children to be open to thinking globally and be prepared for life anywhere in the world.

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St. Anne’s Public School students playing

About our school

St. Anne’s public school is run by the Sisters of St. Anne, Bangalore. The School was founded in 2019 with the specific aim of giving quality education to the children of the locality and of its neighboring places following CBSE syllabus. Sisters of St. Anne, Bangalore (SAB), is a religious community of sisters committed to the cause of education. Through their vast network of over hundred educational institutions all over the country, the SAB’s have faithfully adhered to the ideal of “Integration” trying to bring about a harmonious blending of the spiritual values with the secular, modernity with heritage, competitiveness with co operation, technology with humanism, self reliance and social sensitivity. The institution is dedicated to project this SAB vision of education.

Principal - St. Anne’s Public School, Millersroad, Bangalore

Principal’s Voice

I feel honoured and privileged to be the Principle of St Anne’s Public School, with the motto “Education for Enlightenment “ The visionary management with the strong  support...

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Manager -St. Anne’s Public School, Millersroad, Bangalore

Manager’s Desk

Quality education of the children has become the major concern for every parent today. St. Anne’s Public School has been very much with you in this concern since its...

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Our Vision

A school  perfecting holistic student development, trying out best practices, processes and systems to enhance academic and co- curricular excellence, moulding morally upright, socially responsible, and resourceful citizens capable to make the world a better place to live in.

Our Mission

St. Annes Public School imparts a sound education, leading to the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social development of the child. St. We provide student centric education through modern learning systems and processes bringing out excellence, competencies and citizenship behavior in the students to add value in the sustainable development of the society. The education imparted at St. Anne’s opens the heart for enlightenment.

Students playing in park - St. Anne’s Public School, Millersroad, Bangalore

Our facilities

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Well equipped Science Laboratories

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Information Technology Labs

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Sports activities and Courts

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Arts and Creative activities

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Well furnished Library

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Yoga and Wellness classes

What Parents say about us

I felt very much satisfied with the teachers who handled classes for this academic year. They moved very nicely with the kids and made them to learn and understand the subjects easy with their skills. They never hesitated to take classes during pandemic situation. I hope the same continues in the upcoming academic years also.

D. Priyadharshini

Parent of Shabari & Shakthi (LKG)

I was much worried during this pandemic, and once classes resumed, Salwin got more attention and one-to-one interaction in online classes, which helped him to develop his confidence level and communication skills. I thank school management and staff for your great effort. Keep doing immense works ahead.

Parent of Salwin


St. Anne's Public School is the best school in Miller's road. Teachers are very well educated and friendly towards the students and parents. Infrastructure is very well established with all the facilities. Management is focusing basically on the students’ future.

Parent of Tejaswini


We would like to say a big thank you to school management. I congratulate you for having such passionate and dedicated teacher's in your team, which I believe, will help prepare students at St Anne's public school to become responsible individuals and reach greater heights on the academic front. Thank you so much.

Parent of Hanika

2nd grade

Thank you all for the wonderful, interactive and fun filled school sessions throughout the year. Your connection with Luqman was quite visible during the sessions and the way you have managed him amidst so many constraints, is quite praiseworthy. You worked upon him tirelessly round the year which is evident from his tremendous growth in the toughest academic year so far. I appreciate your dedication and selflessness for the cause.

Parent of Luqman

6th grade

For classes LKG to Grade X